Inflatable Lounger Bag Sofa

Portable, inflatable lounger with carry bag. No external pump needed. Here's how it works: Step 1: Find a nice spot to relax and remove the chair from the bag. Step 2: Quickly walk with one side of the Lounger Bag open into the wind until it’s filled with air, and close it before you stop walking. Do the same with the other side. Step 3: Roll up the end (about three or four times) then clip it shut. Step 4: Lay back and relax for up to 6 hours of comfort. 28" W x 24" H
Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Black

Price: $34.00 to $41.00 range

Please call us at 914-741-2706 for minimum quantities, and customization and set-up fees. Price depends on quantity ordered.

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