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Faber-Castel E-motion Pencil – Pearwood/Chrome Brown

Faber-Castel E-motion Pencil – Pearwood/Chrome Brown

Chunky, almost cigar-shaped, e-motion writing implements sit comfortably in the hand. The design combines outstanding writing comfort with sophisticated aesthetics. The materials were carefully selected: matte or high-gloss metal in combination with stained pear wood in dark brown, brown or black. Skilled craftsmanship can reveal fascinating effects in a high-quality material – as demonstrated by the e-motion precious resin range of writing implements. The barrels are elaborately engraved with different patterns. Together with the glossy chrome-plated elements, they create a simply beautiful object. Features a barrel made of stained pearwood, an end cap and tip made of highly polished chromed metal, and a spring-loaded metal clip.

Price: $50.00 range

Please call us at 914-741-2706 for minimum quantities, and customization and set-up fees. Price depends on quantity ordered.

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