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Not Just A Notebook

I’m a big fan of the digital age. I read the newspaper on my iPad, enjoy books on my Kindle, and I’m tethered to my Blackberry. But I will never give up my Pocket Premium notebook.

The Pocket Premium notebook embodies a character and convenience that an electronic device simply can’t duplicate. When I want to jot down a thought, an idea or a reminder, I can quickly flip open my Pocket Premium and pick up the attached pen. I don’t have to press any buttons or manipulate a touchscreen or figure out where to electronically store my notation (and later forget where I stored it).

The Pocket Premium is also a joy to use. It has a beautiful leather or fabric cover, which can be personalized with a logo. The inside pages are offset white paper and can be customized with a standard pattern or printed logo. A slender black or white elastic band closes the notebook to protect the contents’ privacy and contain the pen.

The Pocket Premium is compact and simple, yet replete with sophisticated and practical details. And you don’t have to read a 200-page technical manual to figure out how to use it.

Pocket Premium Notebook