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As Scarborough & Tweed’s 20th anniversary approaches, I recently started thinking about the changes we’ve seen in the last two decades—in technology, pop culture, and fashion trends, among other things. TV viewing got bigger (think 50-inch plasma screen), and then smaller (think tablet computer and smartphone). Hit shows like Glee and American Idol revitalized music that I have stashed on CDs somewhere. And the next time you’re out clothes shopping, be sure to pick up some pink and green polo shirts and argyle socks because the preppy look is making a comeback.

Trends are like boomerangs—they come, they go, and they come back again. That’s why we’re so proud that the popularity of our canvas duffle bag has endured throughout the last 20 years. The Scarborough & Tweed duffle bag, featuring our signature woven ribbon with step-and-repeat logo, has become a veritable classic. Versatile, durable and stylish, the bag transitions smoothly from health club to weekend getaway. But wherever the bag goes, so does your logo, promoting your first-class image throughout the world.

The Scarborough & Tweed duffle, also known as the “deal-bag,” has spawned countless iterations in the last 20 years. To accommodate our customers’ varying tastes and budgets, we’ve created bags in a multitude of fabrics and styles, with a variety of personalized features.

A close relation of the duffle bag – the canvas tote – has evolved into something of a status symbol. A recent article in the Fashion & Style section of The New York Times says tote bags, in general, “might be the ideal carryall for these post-luxury recessionary times.” The article goes on to say the tote “telegraphs not money but access, ethics, culture – encapsulating the idea psychologist Daniel Gilbert popularized that happiness grows more through experiences than purchases.”

Practical and elegant, our tote bags will accompany you through all of life’s experiences because they are guaranteed to last a lifetime, like all of the bags in our collection.

Thank you to our loyal customers for embracing Scarborough & Tweed’s ribbon bag and for making it a classic.  We’re excited to celebrate our 20th anniversary with you. And if we haven’t had the pleasure of serving your company in the last 20 years, we hope to have the opportunity in the next 20!

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