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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

The incomparable Dr. Seuss said it best in his inspirational tome for graduates, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  In today’s business world, it seems like we’re always going someplace – to a meeting, conference, lunch appointment, or business trip. But wherever you go, you need to stay connected to the office, which explains the soaring popularity of mobile devices.

Total U.S. revenues from mobile and social media increased more than 30% to $45 billion in 2011, according to data recently released by PQ Media in its U.S. Mobile & Social Media Forecast, 2012-16. The figures include consumer and business access, content, advertising and marketing. Mobile and social media revenues are expected to grow at an accelerated rate in 2012, according to the report.

At Scarborough & Tweed, we’re staying ahead of the trend by offering products that improve your mobile device experience.

For example, our iPad Smart Case has the following features:

  • Snaps into angle position for easy keyboarding
  • Stand offers multiple viewing positions
  • Secure snap closure for iPad protection
  • Deluxe microfiber cleaning cloth included

For more information about our iPad Smart Case and other products for mobile devices, such as tablet computers, smartphones and e-readers, contact us at 914-741-2706. As always, our goal is to make your job easier and to make you look good. With Scarborough & Tweed, “Wherever you fly, you’ll be best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.”