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Sitting Pretty At Your Next Event

What’s the key to a successful event? The food? The location? The presentations? All of those things are important, but your guests’ social interactions will ultimately determine how they rate their experience. That’s why the seasoned event planner who chooses invitations, locations and menu items with such aplomb, will stress out when developing the seating arrangements. Creating just the right mix at each table is both a science and an art. And avoiding the wrong mix is critical.

To make the process easier, Scarborough & Tweed has developed “Stress-less Seating Boards,” an innovative, unique approach to planning table arrangements. Each specially designed planning board comes with movable name tabs. The tabs conveniently adhere to the board temporarily, allowing you to visualize your seating plan. To make a change to your plan, simply remove and reposition the tabs. With “Stress-less Seating Boards,” you can fine-tune your seating layout in seconds, and keep everything neat and organized.

The best part is, the boards are lightweight and portable. Bring them to the event so the host can easily locate guests and greet them. Include detailed information on the tabs, such as the guest’s hometown and spouse’s name. You’ll give the host a conversation-starter that will make every guest feel special.

The boards are available in black or white, round (10.5”) or rectangle (10” x 14”), and cost less than $20 each. Like all of Scarborough & Tweed products, the boards and tabs are made with durable, top-quality materials that are guaranteed to last. Use them again and again for dinners, board meetings, and conferences. They’re also great for planning your personal events, such as weddings, graduations, and anniversary parties.

“Stress-less Seating Boards” are just one more way Scarborough & Tweed can help you make your event a success.

Scarborough & Tweed Stress-less Seating Board - roundScarborough & Tweed Stress-less Seating Board - rectangle