09 Helpful Tips for Client Corporate Gifting

Choosing the perfect gift for your clients can be a challenge. The right gift can strengthen relationships and leave a lasting impression, while a poorly chosen gift might miss the mark. At Scarborough & Tweed, we specialize in creating memorable client appreciation gifts that make a difference. Here are nine helpful tips to ensure your corporate gifting hits the mark every time.

1. Know Your Client

Understanding your client’s preferences, interests, and needs is crucial. Personalize your gifts based on their likes and dislikes. Whether it's a luxury pen for an avid writer or gourmet snacks for a foodie, a thoughtful gift shows you’ve paid attention.

2. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Quality trumps quantity in corporate gifting. Opt for high-quality items that reflect well on your brand. Durable, well-crafted gifts leave a lasting impression and convey a message of value and appreciation.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Personalization can make a significant difference. Engraving your client’s name or adding a custom message shows that you’ve gone the extra mile. Personalized gifts stand out and are more likely to be cherished.

4. Be Culturally Sensitive

If you’re dealing with international clients, be aware of cultural differences. What’s appropriate in one culture may not be in another. Research cultural norms and ensure your gift is appropriate and respectful.

5. Choose Practical Gifts

Gifts that are useful in daily life are always appreciated. Think about items that your clients will use regularly, such as high-quality notebooks, stylish desk accessories, or tech gadgets. Practical gifts are a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness.

6. Include a Handwritten Note

A handwritten note adds a personal touch that emails or printed messages can’t match. Take the time to write a sincere message expressing your gratitude and appreciation. It’s a small gesture that makes a big impact.

7. Keep Branding Subtle

While it’s important to include your branding, keep it subtle. Overly large logos or branding can make the gift seem more like a marketing tool than a thoughtful present. Tastefully branded items are more elegant and well-received.

8. Think About Presentation

Presentation matters. A beautifully wrapped gift or a stylish gift box can enhance the overall experience. Pay attention to the details of how your gift is packaged to make a strong first impression.

9. Be Timely

Timing is everything. Send your gifts during appropriate times such as holidays, anniversaries, or after closing a big deal. Timely gifts show that you are thinking of your clients and appreciate their business.


Effective client corporate gifting requires thoughtfulness, quality, and personalization. At Scarborough & Tweed, we offer a range of elegant and practical client appreciation gifts designed to impress. For more corporate gifting advice and to explore our selection, visit Scarborough & Tweed Client Gifts.
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